Want to reduce your daily mascara and eyebrow pencil routines? Have Amara Med Spa tint your lashes and brows. Our Master Aestheticians work with your particular hair color to blend the exact color tint that best matches your skin and hair.

Tinting procedures take about 20-30 minutes in office and last about a month. During the tinting process, a dye is applied to the hair and is left for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, the dye is carefully rinsed off and your lashes or brows have been permanently tinted!

Although the dye is permanent, your eyelashes fall out about once a month, with new, un-tinted ones taking their place. The tint, however, does not wash out.

Amara offers medical grade eyelash and eyebrow products for at home use to help with hair growth. Over time, the use of these products will make your lashes appear longer and fuller.

  • Creates a volumizing look for thinning eyebrows and a loss of lashes

  • Give an elongated look to the lighter tips of your eyelashes

  • Enhances and brightens your entire face

  • Good solution for those who are allergic to mascaras

  • Speeds up daily grooming routines

  • Provides a younger look for those experiencing lash and brow fading due to the aging process.


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