As a Semi Driver, it’s about…

“As a Semi Driver, it’s about how I SEE, not how I LOOK.

So, when I came to Dr. Kristin Tarbets office, with a ptosis (drooping eyelid) that obstructed my vision in one eye, it was about vision, not vanity. Or at least, that’s what I thought, until I had the procedure done. Now, when I look in the mirror, I can’t help but smile at the improvement in my appearance.

But, what I see in the mirror is nothing compared to the change in how well I see the world around me. The obstruction to my vision had come about so gradually, that I never realized how much it had robbed me of my focus, my energy, and my ability to enjoy the gift of good eyesight. For years, I couldn’t enjoy television or movies, or other vision-intensive activities such as reading. My eyes and my concentration would drift, and I would doze off in a matter of minutes. When you’re driving a semi, dozing and poor vision are NOT options!

It’s hard to fully describe the change that this surgery has made in my life. Now, I find myself sitting with my wife, watching “chick flicks”, and thinking: “Jeez! I’m actually enjoying this!” Don’t tell my co-workers! They’ll take away my “man” badge! Seriously, improved vision has totally changed my perception of the world as I know it. It’s improved everything I do!

The recovery phase of the procedure was truly a breeze. Over-the-counter pain relievers, easily handled the mild post-op discomfort. Swelling and bruising were very minor. Ice packs easily took care of those. In my case, friends were unable to detect the surgery after the third day! Some never noticed at all. To me, THAT’S the true test of good surgery.

My experience with Dr. Tarbet and her staff has been phenomenal; truly, the best medical experience in my life.

I cannot recommend these folks highly enough! Whatever your reasons for considering cosmetic surgery, you won’t find a more competent, caring group of professionals than these people.

And, when you’re smiling at your new face in the mirror, say “Hi!” for me!”

– James

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