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I Spend 2 Months of My Life Doing What?

(LaRae) Don’t you some times feel like a hamster stuck on the hamster wheel? You seem to just do the same thing over and over again. Washing laundry…washing laundry again because you got distracted and forgot it had been there for 2 days. Dishes, dusting, vacuuming and more. What about our beauty chores? Did you… Read More »

Numbing Cream Is My Friend

Numbing cream is my friend…(WATCH THIS!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa: Laser Hair Removal) (LaRae) Raise your hand if you despise shaving….o.k. so maybe some of you are uncomfortable raising your hand (for fear I’ll see your unshaven arm pits). I get it! Don’t worry, I won’t ask to see your legs. Spring time is… Read More »

It’s Not Gonna Hurt, Is It?

It’s not gonna hurt, is it? (WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa: Waxing) (LaRae) I have been doing morning radio since 1999. I have been in radio since 1991. For the last 14 years there has always been someone who wants to wax my eyebrows. I’ve done many live broadcasts at many salons,… Read More »

EVERY Woman Deserves To Feel Like a Star

EVERY woman deserves to feel like a star… (WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa: Oxygen Facial) LaRae) “I am off to get my oxygen facial,” I announced to everyone at work. Which generated responses from my witty co-workers such as, “Are they just gonna turn a fan on you”, or “Isn’t your face… Read More »

Micro Derma What?

Micro derma what?(WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa: Microdermabrasion) If you have been reading my blogs then you know I am not well versed in the world of facials. I don’t know what does what…if it’s painful, if it’s relaxing, if it’s rejuvenating, if it will fix my face…you get the idea. I… Read More »

I’m Not a Spa Girl, Am I?

I’m Not a Spa Girl….Am I? (WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa – FotoFacial) (LaRae) I have never thought of myself as a “girly girl”. I am from Wyoming. I grew up with cattle and horses. I love to fish. I like to get dirty. I played with Tonka trucks and Barbies. I… Read More »

The Results Are In, Did I Pass?

The results are in, Did I pass? (WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa – Blood Test Results) The results of my blood work are in. So, how did I do? Did I pass? In the past, I’ve always been told that my blood work looked fine. I was in the “normal” ranges for… Read More »

I need balance!

I need balance (WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa: My FIRST meeting with Gay) I blogged a few weeks ago about my journey to 40. I shared all of the various doctor appointments that I had in one week. Many of you could relate. I don’t know if it is because my Zodiac… Read More »

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