Hormone-Replacement-Therapy-growth-hormoneSexual Dysfunction

(Men & Women)

At some point in their lives, many  men and women experience a loss of interest or pleasure in sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction occurs if these problems recur or persist to the extent that they cause distress. Gay Sleight understands that there are many causes of sexual dysfunction and most are readily treatable.

For women a thorough pelvic exam will reveal if there are physical changes that may be affecting sexual pleasure. Hormonal shifts, like those occurring after pregnancy and during menopause, can also lead to sexual dysfunction. While the role of estrogen is well known, imbalances in thyroid hormone, progesterone and testosterone can also affect sexual function.

Other causes that can affect both men and women include health conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, and depression. Also, many common medications can dampen sexual response, including antidepressants and blood pressure drugs.

Symptoms may include:

  •     Little or no desire for sex
  •     Inability to become or remain aroused
  •     Failure to achieve orgasm despite significant arousal
  •     Painful sex

Treatments typically target the known or suspected cause of the sexual dysfunction, and include bioidentical hormone therapy, medication changes, lifestyle modifications, sexual therapy, relaxation techniques and pelvic exercises. Gay Sleight prides herself in providing the most comfortable, respectful environment in which to discuss these highly sensitive issues and provide compassionate support.