The results are in, Did I pass?

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The results are in, Did I pass? (WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa – Blood Test Results)

The results of my blood work are in.  So, how did I do?  Did I pass?  In the past, I’ve always been told that my blood work looked fine.  I was in the “normal” ranges for my age, height, weight, etc.  What was Gay Sleight going to find?  She found answers!  She explained to me how my results told her a lot about why the things I was complaining about were happening.  Yay!  I wasn’t upset at all by what she was sharing with me….I was excited.  This meant I wasn’t crazy, I do know my body!  Oh, and there are things that can be done to fix it.  Yay again!  I am sharing this with you, because if any of this sounds familiar…..there is hope.

I suffered from fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, adult acne (the worst kind in my opinion), depression, worse cramps and PMS symptoms than ever before, and a few other personal issues (no worries, I will spare you the details).  Gay was very informative and understanding when she was sharing my information.  Below is a video of that meeting.  Yes, you are getting a glimpse of what is topsy turvy in my hormone world.

I have been on the supplements and prescriptions that Gay prescribed for a little over a week now.  Wow!  I expected it to take longer to feel a change, but I have seen a change already.  I can’t believe it.  I am very close to a time of the month where I usually feel like my body and mind are taken over by demons.  Where I snap at my kids for any little thing.  Where I feel like I just want to explode.  Where I almost feel like I am having an outer body experience and don’t know who that person is who is standing there losing her mind and unable to get it together.  My husband can’t do a single thing right. I want to yell, I want to cry, I want to sit in a pool of chocolate…..any of this sound familiar?  I can honestly say that so far I haven’t felt that.  I feel like it is any other time of the month.  The pool of chocolate still sounds like a good idea.  I mean who doesn’t like an excuse to eat chocolate?

How excited am I about what is happening to me?  I sent my mom to Amara to meet with Gay.  She just had her first appointment.  Call 652-9355 and schedule your appointment.

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