It’s not gonna hurt, is it?

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It’s not gonna hurt, is it? (WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa: Waxing)

(LaRae) I have been doing morning radio since 1999.  I have been in radio since 1991.  For the last 14 years there has always been someone who wants to wax my eyebrows.  I’ve done many live broadcasts at many salons, and there is always an aesthetician who tries to convince me to wax.  It has never happened.  I don’t have completely out of control eyebrows and they are pretty light, so I never felt like I needed to bother.  I’ve seen the movie where Steve Carell yells out…’Ohhhh Kelly Clarkson”.  Why would I put myself through that?

That all changed when I met Janet at Amara.  Trust me….I resisted at first.  I told her it wasn’t necessary.  I told her it would hurt.  I told her I would let Chris get his waxed.  I told her I had to go to a meeting.  I made up a lot of excuses….she didn’t fall for any of my shenanigans.  Janet assured me that I would like the results.  She showed me exactly where she was going to wax.  She explained the tinting and why it would look so good.  Please don’t think she forced me to get my eyebrows waxed….that is not the case at all.  You see…Janet and I have gotten to know each other and she knows that I was just scared.  She talked me through it  and explained to me why she thought I would like it.  I trust her!

I have to admit that I didn’t know there was such a thing as eyebrow tinting.  Yes, I really am that clueless.  I now know what it is and I love it.  What a difference it makes!  Eyebrow tinting combined with the awesome waxing that Janet did, had me looking at myself a whole new way.  Janet was RIGHT!  It really did shape my face better and made my eyes pop out. I guess I’ve just been waiting for the right person to come along.

I also got to get even….Edward our afternoon guy and videographer thought it was fun to harass me.  That was until Janet put him on the table and threw some wax on his eyebrows.  Oh yes…yes we did!  It is important for guys to consider waxing as well.  Ladies like a well groomed man.  Just ask Edward!

Here is the video of my first eyebrow waxing and how they do it these days….also, you can check out Edward.  (No utterances of “Ohhhh Kelly Clarkson” were used during the filming of this video….at least not in actual pain.)

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