I need balance!

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I need balance (WATCH IT HERE!!! LaRae @ Amara Med Spa: My FIRST meeting with Gay)

I blogged a few weeks ago about my journey to 40.  I shared all of the various doctor appointments that I had in one week.  Many of you could relate.  I don’t know if it is because my Zodiac sign is Libra (the scales) or the fact that I am a woman, but I know when all is not balanced in my world.  I need balance, I crave balance, I function with balance. For almost a year now I have felt out of balance.  Like most women do, I asked around.  I asked friends, co-workers, doctors, and others that I respect.  The answer came back that it sounded like a hormone imbalance.  Followed by comments like, “Well you are almost 40″ and “You are getting to that age”. Really?!?!

O.k., okay…I concede.  I am almost 40.  All I want is for that feeling of  being “unbalanced” to go away!  I want the acne that covers my face worse than when I was in high school…gone!  I want the “crabby” attitude, bloating, fatigue, and extreme cramps…gone!  Get the idea.I am DONE!  I’ve had blood work done in the past. The results were always that everything was in the “normal” range.  Then why don’t I feel normal?  Lately, I have just settled into the way it is, and accepted my new normal. I would push myself harder.  Try harder.  Argue with myself more…..I can do this!  The reality is that I can’t keep this up.

This is where Gay Sleight (Clinical Specialist on Age Management Medicine) at Amara Med Spa comes in.  Her name kept being mentioned by these people who kept telling me it sounded like a hormone imbalance.  It was a name that I was familiar with.  I’ve heard her talked about for years.  You know…back when this was a problem for other people.  Long story short…I met for the first time with Gay a few weeks ago.  Below is the video of that first meeting with Gay and the staff at Amara Med Spa…..I am not gonna lie, I was NERVOUS!   I will be sharing this journey with you.  Our videographer will follow me every step of the way.  I want both men and women to know that their answer to why your “normal” feels so “not normal” is out there.  The next video will feature what Gay has found in my blood work and the path that she is suggesting I follow.  I would love to hear your stories as well.  Feel free to email me at larae@canyonmedia.net.

To set up your appointment with Gay Sleight call Amara Med Spa at 652-9355.

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