Laser Aesthetics

Amara offers laser treatments from some of the leading companies in the world, Syneron & Lumenis, ensuring  you access to the very best laser technology available.






Fotofacial /IPL

Fades/Removes freckles, sun spots, redness from rosacea, spider veins, acne & pore size, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, and improves texture. Recommended 3-5 treatments, spaced 3-4 weeks apart. Depending on pigmentation or problem being treated, patients may see desired results in one to two treatments. For severe pigment or vascular lesions closer to five treatments is recommended. Be sure to avoid the sun for two weeks prior to and after this procedure.  If any photosensitizing (sun-sensitive) medications or topicals or sunless tanners are used, it is suggested to come off two weeks before lasering.



hairLaser Hair Removal

Practically everyone has suffered from unwanted hair.  And changes are, you’ve plucked, shaved, or waxed to get rid of it.  Laser hair removal technology is making those methods obsolete by offering a faster, more efficient solution to removing unwanted hair. Amara Med Spa offers our patients a cost effective solutions for Permanent Hair Reduction for the face and body.  It is important to avoid sun exposure, photosensitizing agents and sunless tanners for two weeks before laser hair removal.  Avoid waxing or plucking three weeks prior to treatment for best results.  You may shave the day of or the day before treatment.