Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning

Our custom sunless airbrush spray tan service is far superior to all other methods of achieving a natural looking tan. The ability to have a controlled level of detail, shading and customization performed by an expert tan esthetician is what sets Amara apart. In addition to choosing custom airbrush spray tan for the superior outcome, it is a healthy, smart alternative to tanning in the sun, or in a tanning bed. Every day there is new research about the harmful effects tanning with UVA and UVB have on your health. This issue can no longer be argued or ignored.

Did you know? Tanning in a tanning bed increases your chance of skin cancer by 75%. It has recently been placed in the same risk category to your health as arsenic and cigarettes.

 “If you can’t tone it, tan it.”

Of course there is also the element of beauty. Everyone feels better with an even skin tone and a healthy glow. Amara’s Custom Airbrush Spray Tan provides you with the ability to minimize flaws while maximizing tone and definition. You will walk away with not only a beautiful golden tan, but also your body features will appear sculpted and re-defined for a better overall shape.

  • One Full Body Treatment: Prices Vary: Call for Complimentary Aesthetics Consultation
  • Package of four Full Body Treatments: Prices Vary: Call for Complimentary Aesthetics Consultation


Body Waxing Treatment

We believe just as in skin care, every depilation service should consider your specific skin type and offer a complete range for individual customization. Our inventory of depilatory wax and gel formula is selected for its unique properties to ensure the highest level of integrity with each depilatory treatment. This also allows the esthetician to adapt and tailor each service of hair removal for a personalized treatment that you will love.


The wax is applied warm, then gently removed, leaving skin absolutely smooth. This refined technique is a premier skin care service here at Amara, a true beauty treatment that is result-oriented and as comfortable as possible.


It’s not just about what we remove, it’s about what we leave behindHealthy skin!

Available Areas (Pricing varies, call for details):

  • Eye Brows
  • Upper Lip
  • ChinFull
  • Face
  • Under Arms
  • Arms (Full)
  • Arms (Half)
  • Legs (Full)
  • Legs (Half)
  • Back
  • Chest Bikini Brazilian
  • Full Body

Teeth Whitening

Amara has chosen a tooth whitening system that combines all of the universally accepted techniques of tooth whitening into a single, proven system. Unlike take-home products that rely only on hydrogen peroxide and tooth contact time, our premier product also incorporates an activating light and a unique gel application to deliver fast and highly effective results.

While take home products require days of applications in order to see a result, one teeth whitening treatment at Amara will whiten your teeth two to six shades! We recommend three treatments to get the best available results.



  • One treatment is: Call for Complimentary Aesthetics Consultation
  • Package of three treatments is: Call for Complimentary Aesthetics Consultation